The Way Of The Cross

The Way Of The Cross

Pastor Pat welcomes the season of Easter with his series - ‘The Way of the Cross,’ shedding light on the historical meaning of the cross, the myriad of Christian traditions that come with this time of year, and how the cross, through the years, has remained a vivid visual of Christianity, Jesus’ suffering, and the hope we have been given because of His beautiful sacrifice. Join us this Easter season as we discover ‘The Way of the Cross’ and His love for us.

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In his first message of the series, ‘The Way of the Cross,’ Pastor Pat discusses the history and symbolism of the cross, how it represents victory not defeat, that the cross ... Jesus’ death was planned from the beginning of creation (Revelation 13:8), and how Jesus is the only way to truly atone for our sins.

Pastor Pat shares a message about the significance of the Cross, sharing with us the prefigured story of Moses and the ‘snake on the pole.’ Through his message we are reminded to look to the cross (and Jesus) for salvation, as the Israelites were commanded to look at the ‘snake on the pole’ for life, acknowledging Jesus’ sacrifice to accept the cross

Do you name drop Jesus, but lack a true and intimate relationship with Him? Pastor Pat talks to us about the importance of knowing Christ, understanding the significance of the cross, and affirming our faith with our actions, not just in church, but in the world with those who tell us to deny Jesus.

In His last message of the month, Pastor Pat explores the Cross through the story of Jonah, and how saying ‘no’ to God will inevitably yield a storm that can only be calmed by surrendering to God’s will and living a life acknowledging the prayer of Jesus, ‘not my will, but your will be done.’

Pastor Pat reminds us through the story of Josiah, and the prophecy of Zechariah, that the cross forever changed how we receive grace - that we must come before Jesus, individually, repenting for our sins and humbling our hearts, always looking to the cross for how we should be living.

Pastor Pat paints a picture of how Jesus entered Jerusalem for the last time, providing historical detail and perspective, as he delivers his Palm Sunday message, asking us if we are resolute like Jesus, willing to keep the faith of the cross; or are we listening to the Peters in our lives trying to avoid God’s will?   

On this Easter Sunday, Pastor Pat reminds us of the powerful symbol of the cross, the reconciliation with God made for us by Jesus through his death, and victory that Resurrection Sunday provided - that death was turned into life - and that with Jesus, we are provided a new day.