Bethesda Christian Church

Bethesda is a church with a long history and exciting future. For 80 years, we have endeavored to be true to scripture and introduce people to Jesus Christ. Our foundation is built on the concepts of KNOWLEDGE, RELATIONSHIP, and DESTINY.

The source of our KNOWLEDGE comes from the Bible, the Word of God. Knowing and understanding its principles leads to a blessed life. Romans 10:9 says if we will believe Jesus is Lord and confess this with our mouths we will be saved. Who Jesus is and what he came to do is foundational to the Christian life. To the best of our ability, we strive to be a biblical church, rooted and grounded in the Word.

Knowledge, however, is only part of the equation. Every one of us must have a personal RELATIONSHIP with Jesus Christ. Only by experiencing his love through the forgiveness of our sins can we be declared righteous and start a new life. We then extend the love shown to us at the cross to others through our relationships with people in the church. As one body, led by one Spirit, we form a community dedicated to sharing one another’s joys and bearing one another’s burdens. The church is God’s instrument of change in this world.

Our relationship with Christ leads us to a new DESTINY. A God-given purpose gives new meaning to life. Each of us has been gifted by our creator with unique talents to grow in service to the church and bring others to the Lord. Each generation must be aware of their ability to influence others. We spend time developing the gospel truths through our children’s, youth, young adult and outreach departments. James tells us that faith without works is dead. We strive to have our words and actions match so that we bear much fruit for the Kingdom of God.┬áVisit┬áthe Contact Us page to connect.