Connection Classes 

The Word of Life
Dining Room A
Please meet with us while we explore the Bible as the infallible Word of a God of abundant Life. Our exploration is enhanced by dedicated teachers, class discussions, at-home study materials and friendly social gatherings.

The Balanced Christian
Dining Room B
Is your life in balance? Learn how the Word brings balance to your life with fellowship and teaching. Through interactive class discussions coupled with sound instruction, this class focuses on the goal of life harmonized with the Word. The lives of Biblical characters, the encounters of Jesus with people and places, and the timeless wisdom found throughout Scripture are presented so you can daily apply God’s Word to your life.

Pressing Toward the Mark
Room 104
The Acts Of The Apostles teaches us our roots and sets a course for us to follow. The courage and faith of the church of Jesus Christ highlight this amazing record of how the church grew throughout the Roman Empire over a brief period of about thirty years. The Book of Acts is not merely a historical account, it is a living record of how Christ, through the Holy Spirit, empowers men and women to work for Him. We believe that through our study of this wonderful book we will find our faith in our Lord strengthened and our witness for Him greater.

Study to Show Thyself Approved
Dining Room C
What do YOU believe? Can you defend your faith? Do you rely on the beliefs of your church, pastor, or parents? We will all stand and give an account for ourselves before Jesus Christ. Do you want to know that you are living in the way of God’s approval—according to His Word? This class looks deep into the Word for the purposes of increasing our faith and applying it to our lives. You will be informed, challenged, and might even leave this class with more questions than you get answered, prompting your own personal study as you grow in your relationship with God.

Singles (40 and up)
Room 111
Adult singles are a diverse group, yet face similar challenges: situational, financial, social and emotional. Singles age 30 and over to support each other with practical, biblically-based wisdom. Stop in before 9:00am for refreshments, then join in the lively, interactive discussions of our study, “Who is the Holy Spirit?” We meet monthly for lunch and a night of fun, food and fellowship.

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