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Connect with us every Sunday at 10 am to watch service online with other believers from all over the country. We stream our worship services live to Facebook, Youtube, and, so join us virtually.


A special time for kids is integrated into every Sunday morning service. A fun Bible lesson is presented to kids, whether they are in the service or watching at home. At Bethesda, our goal is to minister to all ages, at all times!



focuses on questions and answers that are foundational to Christianity. Where did the Bible come from? Why should I read the Bible today? Who is God? Who is Jesus? Does the death of Jesus have anything to do with me? Did Jesus really come back from the dead? What is the purpose of my life? Can I be assured of life after death? The Rooted 1 journey explores the answers to these questions and many more. As each question is posed, clear concise answers give a ​revelation of God’s plan and purpose for life.

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BCC Family Ministries


At Bethesda, we aim to create valuable learning opportunities for kids, both In-person and online. Unfortunately, we can't currently meet In-person, so we made the BCC Family Ministries Youtube page. Here you will find videos for kids that will help them learn about and grow in Jesus.

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Weekday Connections

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Monday - 12pm  | Daily Encouragement 
Tuesday - 12pm  | Daily Encouragement 
3pm  | Prayer Request
Wednesday - 7pm  | Prayer with Pastors
Pat & Julie
Friday - 12pm  | Prayer Request


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