Thinking about visiting one of our services?
If you'd like to plan your visit on a
Sunday morning or Wednesday night,
we'll help you feel at home!
We'll show you around our building and
answer any questions your family may have.

Sunday Service
10:00am in the Main Sanctuary
(Sign language available)
Wednesday in the Word
7:00pm in the Dining Room
Thursday Traditional Service
10:00am in the Chapel

We are located on the southeast corner of Metropolitan Parkway (16 mile) and Schoenherr in Sterling Heights.

* Enter off Schoenherr.
* Enter our building through the main entrance.
* Valet available.


Rooted 1 focuses on questions and answers that are foundational to Christianity. Where did the Bible come from? Why should I read the Bible today? Who is God? Who is Jesus? Does the death of Jesus have anything to do with me? Did Jesus really come back from the dead? What is the purpose of my life? Can I be assured of life after death? The Rooted 1 journey explores the answers to these questions and many more. As each question is posed, clear concise answers give a ​revelation of God’s plan and purpose for life. 

Rooted 2 picks up where Rooted 1 leaves off, providing meaningful answers to living​ out your faith daily in every context of life–relationships, work, finances and more.  As you make application in these areas of life, you will be strengthened, rooted deeper and built up in Jesus Christ.

Rooted 1: January 12th - March 29th @ 9am
Rooted 2: January 12th - March 22nd @ 9am

*Rooted 1 is prerequisite for Rooted 2



14000 Metropolitan Pkwy.,
Sterling Heights, MI 48312.