Spring 2019

Spring 2019


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In his last message of the month, Pastor Pat shares the human condition of worry and how it is a part of our lives, even when we have faith. We learn through scripture how to manage our doubt through the story of Jesus’ disciples up on the mountain in Galilee; and though they worshipped him, some still had doubt. But Jesus never rebuked or abandoned them - rather he drew close to them, commissioned them with the mission, and continued to love them unconditionally.


Rev. Rob Susan opens the first Sunday in May with an important message about listening to God throughout the seasons in our life, focusing on Him and what His word says.


Rev. Barry Allen shares with us 4 different qualities of Christ’s love for us in a powerful message on Mother’s Day, reminding us that no matter what season we are in, Jesus is there for us - loving us through every high and low of every day!


Pastor Pat returns to the stage with a powerful message about doubting God, reminding us that we should keep the faith, holding onto these three notions when we find ourselves wondering if God will show up and respond to our prayers: 1) God is omnipresent; 2) God is eternal; and 3) God is omnipotent. In other words, there is nothing that is out of reach for God - as his arms span beyond any of our needs, wants, or desires.


Pastor Pat delivers a powerful message of remembrance in honor of Memorial Day, remind us that Jesus remembers all of us - that we are never forgotten, even if it may feel like we are - and that when we come to Him sincerely, with repentance, he forgets your sin.