There For

There For


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“What am I here for?” That question can be taken as existential, plumbing the depths of purpose for this life and eternity.  But ask the question in a practical sense as it pertains to church, “’What am I here for?” Or ask it another way, “What am I participating in a church service for.” As you ponder the answer listen in to today’s message as it challenges you to examine your answer in the light of God’s word.


God’s Word is not given in “multiple choice” form. We cannot pick and choose from Scripture what we like, then ignore or rewrite the portions not to our liking. Before Jesus ascended to Heaven He told his followers they were to teach everything He had commanded.  Everything leaves out nothing.  Jesus’ instructions included two small words that were key to His request. It is easy to drop those two little words, and without them the meaning of Jesus’ instruction is altered.  Listen in and discover the importance of these two tiny words, and how to apply completely Jesus’ final instructions in your life.