Fall 2020

Fall 2020


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Tuesday there is an election. For each office on the ballot, who will you choose? Does the Word of God have anything to say about voting? Though the bible might be scarce when it comes to the topic of voting, there is no shortage of direction given in God’s Word when it comes to making a choice for who will lead a community or a nation.  If the Lord is neglected in that choice, it is akin to rejecting Him. Instead of rejecting the Lord, listen in and discover how His Word can inform our conscience and direct our decisions.


Do you feel idle? You used to have a ministry at church, but since the church ministries have been restricted or gone online you've been left with nothing to do.  Is there anything to do except keep on waiting? Yes there is.  Take an example from the first century church which was stopped in its tracks.  Their lives were at risk, they could have gone into hiding. Instead, they ministered differently than they had in the past. You can too! Listen in and be encouraged by this account from Acts chapter 8 and the life of Phillip the evangelist.


Have you ever needed a second chance? We all have, and when we are not given that second chance it hurts. We wouldn’t have most of the New Testament if a man named Saul wasn’t given a second chance.  His past was so bad, no one wanted to believe he changed.  Almost no one. There was one who received Saul and vouched for him.  Listen in to discover the name of this giver of second chances and be inspired to do the same.


When later this week you celebrate Thanksgiving, whether you are alone or with others, take time to express to the Lord something for which you are grateful.  Many families have a tradition where prior to the Thanksgiving meal each one tells of something they are grateful for from the past year.  Looking back we can all find something for which we can say, "Thank you Lord."  And, there are things to be grateful for in the present moment--after all this is the day the Lord has made! What about the future? Does thanks have a future? Is there anything about the future for which to be grateful? You might say, "Tomorrow is not promised." True. Yet the Word of God does give great examples of looking forward that we can take to heart and practically apply.  Listen in and discover that thanks does have a future, and you just might change your Thanksgiving tradition!


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