On Hold

On Hold


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We all know what it’s like to be on hold, and we don’t like it. The multitude of dead-end options, the endless waiting, the never getting through.  The frustration! Sometimes we might feel that God has put us on hold and that can lead us to bitterness and despair.  In this message hear about someone who believed God was against her although He was always there, and His kindness had not stopped. If you feel God has put you on hold, listen in and find hope for relief before frustration turns to bitterness.


Being “on hold” while on the telephone can challenge our patience. But being “on hold” in our lives is a different matter! The Old Testament prophet Elijah had a tremendous victory in the “battle of the gods” on Mt. Carmel (1 Kings 18). But a death threat from an evil queen disrupted Elijah’s life to the point of deep hopelessness. Despite his discouragement, Elijah journeyed for 40 days and 40 nights to Horeb, the mountain of God (Mt. Sinai!). He cried out to God and God responded in a way that should be encouraging to anyone who finds themselves distressed, discouraged and feeling hopeless… as long as we REST, LISTEN and LEARN. 


"On hold" is another way of being told to "wait." This does not need to be a negative, depressing, or even a frustrating experience when viewed through the lens of the Lord. This time we live in isn't all that there is. Our time on Earth can be viewed as God's waiting room for our lives. We should stay busy taking time to pray, study, to exercise our gifts, and learn what the Lord would have for each one of us to do. God has given us gifts and talents to use for His Kingdom while being here, but this is not our home, we are passing through to our eternal reward.


None of us like to be put on hold. It is often a frustrating experience because we can’t express ourselves to the one who has put us on hold.  Yet there are times when we put others on hold, or block their call, so we do not have to listen or respond to them.  Have you ever put God on hold, or blocked Him? Since the Garden of Eden humankind has had the propensity to put God on hold or block him completely.  The Lord years for us to have open hearts and open ears to hear and listen to Him. Today’s message gives a biblical example of those who put God on hold and offers hope for opening a clear line of communication to build a strong bond and lasting relationship with Him.