Summer Series 2022

Summer Series (2022)


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Pastor Alex Silva


It's time we recognize that true independence is found only in a lasting dependence in God.


Pastor Terry Allen - Church On Fire 


The place of the greatest spiritual growth MUST be in the home. Guard and build our homes: this is where the most growth should happen! 

Pastor Noah Allen


Drawing your line in the sand is simply making a decision, from your heart, that you will not allow anything or anyone to move you away from it. When based on the Word of God it becomes an ‘all in’ commitment. It is a permanent and irreversible decision of the heart.
Pastor Barry Allen


Dr. Analee Dunn - Pastor Emeritus


Throughout His Word, God beckons His followers to live by faith. The Lord provides ample direction in His Word, yet there are times when it makes no sense at all. What is one to do when the Bible is clear yet what it asks of us seems foolish? Today, consider the example of a faithful follower of God who followed irrational instructions. We can apply the same principles used in this life of unwavering faith and realize a promise that has been preserved for eternity.

Pastor Pat Visger


Pastor Pat Visger