It’s A Wonderful Life

It's A Wonderful Life


This Christmas Season will we dive into our series, “It’s a Wonderful Life” and explore the many different ways that Jesus loves us, and how truly wonderful this life is once we know, love, and have faith in our Savior - Jesus Christ.

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The Wonderful life God has planned may not seem exactly Wonderful now. We feel pain. We have contention in our lives … Like Hagar had Sarai, Jesus had Judas … With life in the fallen world comes hardship and pain. But it’s wonderful when you know you’ve received Jesus Christ - You know have been redeemed from the penalty of sin. And you are assured that eternity awaits. Until then know this: God sees and hears. Your wonderful life has begun in him.


Pastor Pat shares with us a beautiful message, reminding us of the power of love and that Jesus came into this world demonstrating this power; He humbled himself to live a life with great purpose - to save sinners - motivated by the love God has for each of us.


Expounding on the series theme, “It’s A Wonderful Life,” Pastor Pat illustrates the reality of temptation through the film’s antagonist, Mr. Potter, who presented George Bailey with a tempting offer in an attempt to defeat him. And just like George Bailey, we are all subject to temptation, as Satan is ever-present in our lives through the temptation of sin. But, with Jesus, we have the power to overcome and defeat temptation - call on him and believe that Jesus will attend to you, expect that he will run to your cry.


Jesus offers a wonderful life. In him is my assurance of life everlasting. Don’t fall for the one who comes to steal kill and destroy. Jesus came, that first Christmas, to give life now and forever, with him. Our Jesus is on the throne. No power can overthrow Him… He shall reign forever and ever.


That is the spirit of Christmas. Selfless giving. Christmas is all about. It is what Jesus did. Giving. A gift. A selfless gift.