When You…

When You...



Pastor Pat introduces a new series, “When You …” which focuses on different subjects, based on the words of Jesus that are preceded by "When you..."

Topics will include prayer, fasting, giving, and worship. Join us for this exciting series as we dive deep into the Bible and review the history behind these subjects.

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As members of one great family, are we praying not for ourselves alone, but in the same breath for others? By this one little word, our, we are reminded of the bond we share which links us together as children of the same Father, the bond of the Spirit, sent into our hearts, the Spirit who calls out, “Abba, Father.”


When you pray, bear the fruit of the mature, old wood. Ask the spirit to lead you. Ask whatever you desire aligned with God’s will. Believe. Have faith. For his best for you. God’s not your genie. He knows and desires the best for you. Believe that. When you pray believe, by faith, God has the best in mind for you, and you will receive that from him.